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Mark Lauderdale MD FRCPC

My name is Dr Mark Lauderdale. I’m a psychiatrist and personal effectiveness coach.

I’ve been helping others deal with difficult people and challenging situations for over 25 years.

Throughout my career I’ve continued to look for ways of genuinely helping people rapidly and effectively create positive changes.

Then, one night several years ago, while feeling frustrated with a personal relationship, I realized that there had to be a better way of dealing with those difficult people who are so good at “PUSHING YOUR BUTTONS”.

So I went on a personal mission to discover what truly works.

I tried to memorize the relationship “rules” that I learned, but found them to be impossible to recall in the heat of a difficult interaction.

Categorizing people into certain difficult people “types” wasn’t helpful either, because no one ever seemed to fit perfectly into a single group. And often the advice was just too general to be very useful for specific situations.

Then, I decided to see what would happen if I blended together as many personal empowerment methods and success strategies as possible into a structured step-by-step process for dealing with difficult people.

The result was… The Wellspring Method, which produced rapid effective results that I’ll describe further below.

And this isn’t a method that I’ve just used occasionally.

I have now used this solution-generating confidence-building method in my office EVERY DAY for several years with outstanding results!

For example, not long ago I helped a man become more persuasive with his defensive coworkers in policy meetings. He commented, “Your method helped me get the emotions out of the way so I could solve the real problem”.

His ideas started being heard and he even received compliments from his coworkers and boss.

I’ve helped women successfully cope with controlling husbands and ex-husbands, bosses dealing with unmotivated or uncooperative employees, employees dealing with intimidating, critical or verbally abusive bosses and people dealing with annoying or disrespectful coworkers, angry neighbors, difficult committee members, lawyers and insurance representatives…

Because the Wellspring Method has been so effective in helping clients in my practice consistently deal with difficult people for several years now…

…And because I know there are A LOT of people like you who would benefit from learning the exact step-by-step formula for dealing with difficult people and generating rapid positive results…

…I decided that it was time to make this solution available to everyone.

You will find the Wellspring Method…

Live Powerfully!

Mark Lauderdale MD FRCPC
Psychiatrist and Personal Success Consultant


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