“She handled a difficult employee/coworker without feeling stressed at all!…”

Before… Jill was the manager of a hair salon and spa who was worrying for weeks about how to confront an employee regarding some inappropriate behavior at work. She didn’t quite know how to bring up the issue and was concerned that the person might get upset or […]

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Not Knowing the Following Information Before Dealing with Difficult People Will Leave You Unhappy and Frustrated with NO ONE Listening to What YOU Want!

Discover the Secrets of Dealing with People

This tested step-by-step problem-solving method will help you calmly and confidently create the positive change you want when dealing with difficult people.

You’ll […]

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During a one-year online survey on this website visitors were asked to describe the difficult people and behaviors they were dealing with…

Of the sample of 493 people who were dealing with difficult employees, the most common difficult behaviors were identified as uncooperativeness, negativity, manipulative behavior and backstabbing. Together these 4 behaviors accounted for over […]

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Do you experience anxiety, frustration or stress when communicating with people in the workplace or at home?

Do you wish that you could be more assertive and confident when dealing with people, especially difficult people?

Perhaps you are in a relationship with a narcissist or a controller or someone who has an anger or dependency problem.

Perhaps […]

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Do you feel like this around someone in YOUR life?

• I hate that they always need to be right!
• I tend to feel inferior or less capable in my own life (even though I KNOW I am not),
• I get tired of hearing their ramblings about all of their accomplishment […]

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Difficult People Case Examples

On December 5, 2010 By

Here are just a few examples of rapid positive change with the Wellspring Method…

“This method helped me to put the demands of work into perspective. People have known that I’ve been stressed about the pressures and expectations of my job for awhile now, but the program helped me learn to take things much less personally. It […]

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Why Advice Doesn’t Work

On December 5, 2010 By

Why Advice from Books, Articles, Talks
or Teleseminars Don’t Produce REAL Change

These “information” products focus on giving you advice on dealing with people, but ignore the extreme importance of your inner sensitive spots and stress reactions.

I’ve found that many people just want someone to TELL them how to deal with difficult people. But after […]

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If there is ONE skill in life that guarantees success in life, it’s knowing how to be assertive, confident and effective with people.

The most successful people in business aren’t the ones who possess special skills or knowledge. They’re the ones who can confidently communicate with people and arouse in them a spirit of cooperation […]

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1. Recognize That You Do Have a Choice Between Stressing Out or Being Strong and Confident
One thing that people often do not realize is that their emotions can and do change. Just because a situation may be automatically triggering anxiety, it doesn’t always have to be that way. There are things we can […]

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In my website survey, people reported all kinds of annoying and frustrating behavior in their coworkers, bosses, employees or family members.

Very often they would end with a question like, “How can I control my feelings when I’m around this person?” or, “How do I get power over my emotions in this situation?”

Question From […]

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