Do you feel like this around someone in YOUR life?

• I hate that they always need to be right!
• I tend to feel inferior or less capable in my own life (even though I KNOW I am not),
• I get tired of hearing their ramblings about all of their accomplishment […]

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How to Overcome Social Anxiety

On November 12, 2012 By

Do you ever feel like this in YOUR life?

• Being embarrassed or looking stupid are among my worst fears,
• I feel nervous talking in a group of people,
• I get very nervous about talking to someone I don’t know very well, even if it’s someone I’d like to talk to, […]

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Have you ever had the BEST of intentions of addressing an issue with someone and yet, somehow things just went sideways into poor communication and a negative outcome?

If you think about your experiences with people at work or home…

…Have you ever found yourself feeling more and more annoyed and irritated by someone […]

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Difficult People Case Examples

On December 5, 2010 By

Here are just a few examples of rapid positive change with the Wellspring Method…

“This method helped me to put the demands of work into perspective. People have known that I’ve been stressed about the pressures and expectations of my job for awhile now, but the program helped me learn to take things much less personally. It […]

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If there is ONE skill in life that guarantees success in life, it’s knowing how to be assertive, confident and effective with people.

The most successful people in business aren’t the ones who possess special skills or knowledge. They’re the ones who can confidently communicate with people and arouse in them a spirit of cooperation […]

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“My neighbors are harassing me. How do you deal with neighbor harassment and difficult people like these?”

I’ve been asked this question SEVERAL times now, so I thought I’d write an article on the topic.

The word “neighbor harassment” is a very broad term. For different people neighbor harassment can mean anything from neighbors who […]

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A Moving Story About a Resentful Father and His Step-Daughter

“I bought your book less than two weeks ago and am having a great respectful relationship with my wife’s daughter who was 15 when we first married. We went thru some tough years then became friends but after a bad marriage of her own which […]

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