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Are you feeling stressed and looking for a solution? If so, you’re probably feeling some mixture of overwhelm, frustration and anxiety and you may have one or more of the common symptoms of stress overload such as fatigue, headaches, difficulty sleeping, irritability or unhealthy habits. I’m Dr Mark Lauderdale, a psychiatrist and stress management consultant […]


Reducing the buildup of emotional stress inside you starts with the way you react to a stressor in the first place. A stressor is any event, situation or person that triggers a negative emotion in you – stress emotions like anger, frustration, annoyance, fear, anxiety, worry, sadness, defeat, overwhelm, etc. Stop for a moment and think […]


Here are just a few examples of rapid positive change with the Wellspring Method… “This method helped me to put the demands of work into perspective. People have known that I’ve been stressed about the pressures and expectations of my job for awhile now, but the program helped me learn to take things much less personally. It […]


Why Advice Doesn’t Work

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Why Advice from Books, Articles, Talks or Teleseminars Don’t Produce REAL Change These “information” products focus on giving you advice on dealing with people, but ignore the extreme importance of your inner sensitive spots and stress reactions. I’ve found that many people just want someone to TELL them how to deal with difficult people. But after they receive […]


1. Recognize That You Do Have a Choice Between Stressing Out or Being Strong and Confident One thing that people often do not realize is that their emotions can and do change. Just because a situation may be automatically triggering anxiety, it doesn’t always have to be that way. There are things we can do […]


Here’s an important concept… You should not just “read about” dealing with difficult people. Instead, take it a step further and actually CHANGE the way you feel and react! You’ll find that it makes a HUGE difference. Here’s why… By now you’ve probably read about the “Difficult People Tango” that I describe in Chapter 1 […]


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