How To Be Calm, Strong
And Confident When Dealing
With Difficult Bosses …And Create
Results You Want!


Mark Lauderdale MD FRCPC


Whether you call them bosses, managers or supervisors, they’re in the workplace often causing others to feel anxious, stressed or intimidated. These emotions are magnified when the boss is verbally abusive, demanding, controlling, overly critical or unfair.

Having a difficult boss in your workplace can:

  • make it hard to concentrate,
  • leave you feeling frazzled and unable to work effectively,
  • cause you to become angry and even start conflict,
  • lead you to complain or gossip

These difficult bosses and the interpersonal issues they can cause lead to an inability to cope and job dissatisfaction. If you have to be there for the better part of your week why not make the situation work for you!

Instead of hiding under your desk or spending time and money trying to become your own boss, why not invest in a solution that can teach you how to effectively deal with the difficult employer in your life.

An hour in the office of a personal coach or a therapist to help you unlock the power to cope with this boss could cost you upwards of $200! Or, you could click below and purchase lasting skills to cope and excel in interactions with the difficult people in your life, from the comfort of your own home and for substantially less!

Imagine a 201-page book teaching you the skills needed not only to cope with your difficult boss, but to ask for the raise you deserve, or to speak out with a strong idea in your next meeting.

… learn the secrets of dealing with difficult people

Secrets of Dealing with Difficult People
Unlike other books, this 201-page book shows you a tested step-by-step problem-solving method to help you calmly and confidently create the positive change you want when dealing with difficult people (available in eBook or Soft Cover).

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