How To Be Calm, Strong
And Confident When Dealing
With Difficult Coworkers …And
Create Results You Want!


Mark Lauderdale MD FRCPC

Most jobs cannot be completed by only one person, which means having coworkers. The hard part about working so closely with someone daily is that they can really learn how to get under your skin.

When this occurs you can easily get stuck in a difficult person tango with your coworker leading the way to ineffective practices such as:

  • Inter-office gossiping, lying or backstabbing,
  • Disrespect, conflict and abuse,
  • Arguing and complaining,
  • Loss of communication,
  • Laziness or lack of contribution

Rather than getting stuck in a rut with a co-worker or colleague why not invest in a solution that helps your control your own emotional triggers leaving you calm, confident and ready to successfully handle the difficult person in your workplace.

All it takes is one book, Secrets of Dealing With Difficult People, with 201 pages of wisdom and strategies from Dr. Mark Lauderdale, psychiatrist and personal effectiveness coach.

Whether you are a well-adjusted, outgoing and effective communicator, or a shy and reserved person this book can help you to zero in on the behaviour that your difficult co-worker needs to stop and how to best approach the scenario.

Don’t waste any more valuable time feeling negative or frustrated about your colleague. Click below and take your focus off how much they PUSH YOUR BUTTONS and place it back onto completing your job to the very best of your ability.

Ideas, skills and solutions now available instantly! And whenever you need a reminder.

… learn the secrets of dealing with difficult people

Secrets of Dealing with Difficult People
Unlike other books, this 201-page book shows you a tested step-by-step problem-solving method to help you calmly and confidently create the positive change you want when dealing with difficult people (available in eBook or Soft Cover).

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