How to Overcome Loneliness
for the Rest of Your Life


By: Dr Mark Lauderdale MD FRCPC


Dear Friend,
It’s not pleasant being alone and feeling lonely.

When I searched the web for circumstances that produce loneliness, I found many different examples. Perhaps one of these describes your situation…

Being away from home and feeling homesick,
Trouble making friends,
Not feeling worthwhile or valued,
Loneliness following a breakup or divorce,
Loneliness after the death of a spouse,
Feeling lonely in a relationship because the partner is always working or socializing with friends,
Poor family relationships,
Empty nest after the kids have left home,
Anxiety about meeting new people or afraid to talk to people,
Loss of a social network because of a breakup or move to a new location,
Not having an intimate partner.

Being alone and FEELING LONELY are two different things. You may not feel comfortable being on your own. Many people can’t even bear the thought of being alone.

And you don’t necessarily have to be alone to feel lonely. Loneliness, like many other feelings, can be a HABIT. You can carry this feeling with you into many situations in your life – even situations where you are surrounded by people!

Perhaps you have followed some common sense advice from a counselor… but discovered that you still feel lonely!!

I know. Several years ago following my divorce I moved to a new city where I was alone and lonely and I’m a psychiatrist with over 30 years experience dealing with lonely and stressed patients.

That’s when I decided to start using some of my own therapy techniques on myself to shift myself out of the sad, lonely and stressed feelings into a better emotional state. It worked amazingly well!

A New Approach for Coping with Loneliness

After several years of clinical research using these techniques with patients in my practice I developed a way to eliminate loneliness, anxiety and stress about being alone in just 30 days without the use of drugs, expensive therapy or long-term counseling.

In fact, you could be feeling strong, confident and happy is as little as two weeks.

As a result of my clinical research, I was able to develop an interactive CD/DVD program called Shrink in a Box – a series of personal empowerment techniques tied together into one powerful step-by-step system that…

Targets the source of your loneliness,
Helps you identify the outcome you want,
Turns your loneliness into confidence and hope,
Changes your anxiety and fear into strength,
Transforms your frustration into effectiveness, and,
Helps you create the positive change you want in your life!

Shrink in a Box is a mind power tool that not only helps you clear up loneliness, anxiety or stress, but also helps you achieve the positive changes you want.

3 Powerful CDs…

This is a personalized problem-solving system for creating results you want in stressful life situations.

No complicated strategies to learn, no rules to remember and no lengthy training involved!

Just plug in your problem situation or interpersonal goal at the beginning and move through the process to arrive at your plan of action feeling CALM, CONFIDENT and ASSERTIVE by the end.

Plus a Demonstration DVD

This live unrehearsed video demonstrates how Shrink in a Box can help you manage stress and create positive changes in YOUR life.

41-Page Help Manual and Guidelines

This useful resource manual gives you a detailed description of how the program works with detailed flow diagrams so you can see a visual overview of the Shrink in a Box process.

There’s also an extensive Help Section with Frequently Asked Questions that will help you quickly correct any problems you may encounter during the process …and there’s lots of additional information and examples to help you achieve the result you want.

What Results Can I Expect?


Shrink in a Box is unique. There’s no other program like it.

It’s much more than a relaxation CD or stress management seminar. And it’s not just a hypnosis CD or mp3 (most of which are not tested for effectiveness).

And it’s not an unproven method such as ‘brain wave synchronization’ or an untested theory.

I have been using the Shrink in a Box system in my office with real people and real problems for over 8 years now.

In a review of my case files over a 5 year period I found that 96% of patients who used the Shrink in a Box CDs in my office were able to significantly or totally clear up their unhappiness and create positive results.

Easy To Use

One of the big advantages is that Shrink in a Box personal success system is extremely easy to use.

You don’t have to wait for an appointment with anyone. You can use Shrink in a Box on a computer or a CD player whenever the need arises – because there are many challenges that can come up about being alone at any hour of the day or night.

And instead of having to find a place where you can close your eyes and relax without looking like you’re asleep, you can use Shrink in a Box with earphones and yours eyes open, which is handy in public places.

You might think that all the techniques built into this system could be hard to learn and even harder if you had to memorize the steps, but I have some REALLY good news for you… You don’t have to learn or memorize a thing!

All you do is follow along step-by-step as you make notes or mentally rehearse things in your mind.

The disadvantage of ‘how to’ self help advice is that you still have to go out and do it, whereas with Shrink in a Box you just follow my voice as your positive change is created on the inside.

Like a blender produces soup, smoothies or margaritas depending on what you put into it, Shrink in a Box stirs up the hidden abilities within you to create positive results out of a whole variety of challenging life situations.

Shrink in a Box can be used on its own or along with counseling to supplement (and shorten) the whole process.

Read What Others Have to Say About Their Experience

“I was struggling with pain and weight loss, and stuck in negative self-talk and despair. When this program turned things around for me after only one session, I was so amazed! You can go for counseling for years before you get to this point! I’m just blown away!”

— Debbie Dunsmuir, Social worker

“This recently divorced single mother was able to move forward with renewed confidence and hope.”

“I wanted to say again how grateful I am to you, Dr Mark. Because of your patience, caring (not to mention its ground-breaking nature) work with me I have become a better Mom and my kids are reaping big results in their own lives. Fix the Mom and you fix the kids, funny how that works. But more than that, I am experiencing so much more positive forward movement in my own life and plans. Thank God you were able to preserve what you did for us and our kids on your CD program.”

Pam Shepherd, Artist

Eliminate your anxiety around people for good!

“At my work I suffer from no social anxiety when dealing with customers, literally none at all! I have a little bit of anxiety when I’m talking to the other employees about personal things, but that is fading as I get to know them better.

In fact, I have one pretty good friend at work – and she’s a girl! – who I work with on a fairly regular basis. Having someone to joke around with certainly makes the shifts go faster.”

— Jake Smalley, Student

The really GREAT thing is that many of these people only took a few short hours to to create these dramatic changes!

Remember, this isn’t just a collection of tips and advice. It’s a step-by-step formula, a tried and tested system, that you can use to deal with all sorts of difficult situations.

Discover strategies for dealing with loneliness that REALLY work!

“I usually need someone to help me work through a problem. I didn’t know a CD could do that!”

— Kathleen Stilwell, Office Administrator

Create a feeling of freedom and confidence instead of loneliness and stress…

“I was really taken aback at the sense of freedom and expansion I felt! Usually when a situation has come up in the past with my Mom I’d immediately feel the closing in my chest and closing in my abdomen.

What was amazing to me through the strength and confidence process was that even in visualizing and in feeling that scenario, there was the sense of expansion. This real feeling of freedom within myself was incredible.

Thank you.”

— Anne, Career Coach

What Do Other Professionals Say About This Program?

“Dr. Lauderdale has developed a system that can be used to resolve a wide variety of real life problems. I have seen this system work to help many people overcome many difficult situations. Dr. Lauderdale’s unique skills and training have enabled him to develop an approach to life challenges that is quick and effective.”

— Jane Bradley, PhD
Clinical Psychologist
Queen Alexandra Centre For Children’s Health


This is a GREAT program! You’ve delivered the information and technique in a way that is simple and easily understood, yet bears the mark of a great deal of experience and expertise. I’ve been working with it for several weeks now. The first week, very intensely, then more casually. I decided to use it at first just when I was going through a rough patch, and found it VERY effective. Since then I’ve experimented with integrating a piece of it into a couple of phone sessions, and found it worked for others too.THANK YOU! for sharing it with me!”

— Dr. Alexandra Gayek
Naturopath and Life Coach


You Could Be Spending A Lot More

The only way you would be able to receive all of the stress management and problem-solving techniques that Shrink in a Box provides would be through individual coaching, counseling or therapy.

In fact, the unique blend of expert strategies in Shrink in a Box is more effective than many coaching or counseling approaches… and it’s much less expensive!

Instead of paying a coach or counselor $100 to $150 PER HOUR to help you deal with a single stressful situation, you can own Shrink in a Box for half that amount and use it to clear up as many stressful situations as you wish.

And instead of paying $100 to $500 for a stress management course that teaches general principles and gives general advice, why not clear up your personal stress issue in less time without having to learn all that theory!

ORDER NOW and gain the strength and confidence you need to overcome loneliness and create the positive results you want in your life with the Shrink in a Box Personal Success System.

For Purchasing the Shrink in a Box Program,
You will Receive the Following Bonus

FREE Special Reports!

This Series of 5 Special Reports, “Powerful Principles for Personal Success”, will teach you how to stay on track to achieve the ongoing personal success you want at home and at work.

Once you start to understand how to use these techniques better, it’s important to be able to set and achieve your goals effectively.

That’s where these Special Reports come into play. They’ll help you stay on track through the daily stresses to achieve lasting personal success at home and work.
… see inside

VALUE: $49.75…

You Are Fully Protected By My
100% Money-Back Guarantee!

I want you to be totally satisfied with ‘Shrink in a Box’ so let me remove ALL doubt from your mind.

You have a 100% satisfaction guarantee! If you’re not convinced that this program is worth every penny, simply contact us.

You’ll receive a FULL REFUND and you can keep the bonuses just for trying the program. This is truly a 100% risk-free offer.

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