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therapy appCreate Solutions You Want

I designed this unique self therapy app to help you overcome the stresses and anxieties in your life more quickly and effectively. You can use it to become calm under stress, eliminate worries and fears, be more assertive or deal with a difficult relationship. You can also use it between therapy sessions to achieve faster results!

therapy appIndividualized To Suit Your Needs

First, you’ll choose a character and enter a specific situation that is triggering your anxiety, frustration, stress, etc. Then you’ll rate your level of stress and identify your personal goal (the outcome you’d like to create). You can insert photos from your iphone or ipad to help you visualize your goal as well as boost your confidence. With features like these your self therapy app becomes a personal problem solving tool that meets your specific needs.

therapy appProven Effectiveness

This self therapy app uses an empowering blend of therapeutic strategies: cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), hypnotic therapy, eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), neurolinguistic programming (NLP), goal-setting, affirmations and motivational techniques. Together they form the Wellspring Method, a therapy that I developed and have used for many years in my clinical practice with excellent results for hundreds of patients facing a variety of stressful life situations.

therapy appA Therapist In Your Pocket!

This app is a guided interactive experience. You’ll hear my voice along with the text as I take you through the process of transforming your stress reactions into effective strategies. I’ll assist you to rehearse scenarios in your mind in which you see yourself dealing with your problem in the future. Like any form of practice, you can improve your results each time you visualize the situation. We’ll also add my secret ingredient to tap into your inner strength and powerfully enhance your ability to succeed!


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