How to Relieve Your Stress
and Improve Your Life

Are you feeling overwhelmed with too much to do or stressed by problems at work or at home, and even though you’d like things to be better, you don’t know where to begin?

Are you experiencing any of these signs of stress in your life?

a general feeling of tension or anxiety,
feeling tired a lot of the time or feel that you’re getting rundown,
muscle tension in your neck, shoulders or back,
headaches or annoying aches and pains,
insomnia or difficulty getting a restful sleep,
overeating and watching too much TV,
short-tempered or generally not enjoying life…

The following relaxation excerpt from the Everyday Power CD is designed to refresh and rejuvenate you so you can meet the rest of your day with renewed energy and vitality.

Just press play to begin, sit back and enjoy a sample from the ‘Healing Place’ meditation…


Your stress relief consultant

Mark Lauderdale MD FRCPC

Without even meaning to we all lead busy and at times hectic lives. When it all gets a bit too much a relaxation session may be just what you need.

Emotional stress results in lack of motivation, destructive habits, and health problems, but most importantly, stress causes something even worse…

Stress interferes with your effectiveness in everything you do – even your ability to clear up the problems in your life that are causing it!

It’s like having a virus in your anti-virus program.

This means that the more stressed you become, the less able you are at effectively dealing with stress-producing problems and the more they pile up.

There is a great deal of research, even with animals, that has shown this principle to be true: As stress increases, effectiveness decreases.

What this means for you is that it is essential to deal with stress properly and effectively NOW. You’ll work far more efficiently and get twice as much done if you’re feeling calm, confident and positive than if you’re feeling stressed.

Furthermore, your relationships will improve. You will have more free time. And you’ll be enjoying your life more.

What If You Had a Truly Effective
Stress Relief Program That Could Show You…

How to Feel Good and Enjoy Life

When you think about it, feeling good and enjoying life is really our highest goal. It’s the reason we choose to pursue ANY of our goals such as the higher income, the relationships, the accomplishments… So, if this is the highest goal, why wait until your other goals are achieved? Learn how to FEEL GOOD FIRST, and THEN succeed in your life!

How to Sleep Well and Wake Up Feeling Rejuvenated

What if you had an effective way to clear your mind at bedtime so that you could fall asleep easily and comfortably, rest peacefully through the night and wake up feeling energized and ready to go?

How to Approach Your Day With a Positive Mental Attitude

If you drag yourself out of bed in the morning at the last possible minute and then rush around like a crazy person, what are your chances of experiencing a productive stress-free day? What if, instead, you could program yourself with a positive outlook and mentally review the genuinely important things to accomplish in your day. This is what successful people do.

How to Deal With People and Problems Calmly and Confidently

One major key to stress relief is learning how to overcome obstacles, solve problems and deal with people effectively. What if you had a method that could help you deal with even the most stressful problems in your life in only half the time and completely bypass MOST of the associated stress?!

As a psychiatrist who uses hypnosis (I’m a consultant with the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis and Past President of the Canadian Society of Clinical Hypnosis-AB Div), I’ve helped HUNDREDS of stressed people over the years.

I know that hypnotic relaxation and stress relief ALWAYS seems to help, even though my primary focus might be to help someone with a bigger problem in their life.

…And after working with people for over 30 years, I have found that it’s not JUST relaxation techniques that people need, but also, an inner feeling of strength and well-being, so that they can deal with the difficult situations in their lives calmly and effectively.

Here’s what one of my client’s said…

“Your method of dealing with stressful situations was both enlightening and successful.

Listening to each CD at my own pace enabled me to understand more rationally the reasons for my stress attacks, and to search for alternative outcomes.

Your program not only gave me a fine sense of self-worth, but also made me feel more confident than I have done in a long time. I must say, I am feeling much more organized from within, and ready to try out my newly acquired confidence!”

– Chris Whittaker

Since most people who come to see me need some form of effective stress relief, and because I want to help them as quickly as possible, I decided to create a CD for them to use – to relax them, to empower them, to help them sleep better and to take a step back to see what really matters in life.

The WHOLE truth is that I regularly use the CD myself to keep me focused on achieving my goals, to create a positive mental attitude for my day and to release my stresses for a good night’s sleep.

I reasoned that if it was helping me as well as my clients, then there may be a lot of other people who would appreciate having the same opportunity.

That’s why I created Everyday Power, a CD to help you start your day off right, to relieve your stress and go through your day calmly and confidently and to help you get a rejuvenating night’s sleep.

… learn more about Everyday Power

Everyday Power
Meditations That Heal the Mind and Rejuvenate the Spirit!
• Experience Profound Relaxation and Stress Relief
• Relieve Stress Headaches, Anxiety and Tension
• Handle Pressures at Work or Home Calmly and Effectively
• Fall Asleep Easily and Peacefully
• Discover Beautiful Principles for Successful Living

Bonus CD includes two lectures by Dr Lauderdale:
• How to Deal with Difficult People
• The Power Within


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