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In these articles you will find new ideas, helpful suggestions and good information on how to deal with difficult people and problems in your life more effectively.

I invite you to make comments and provide your own helpful insights and suggestions for the benefit of others.

But before you dive into the articles, audios and videos on this site, I want to share an important principle that will be crucial to your personal success.

An Important Principle for Personal Success

If you’ve been to other websites to learn how to deal with people you’ve probably heard them say things like, “It’s important to keep your cool” or “Choose your response instead of reacting” or “Stay calm when your buttons are being pushed”.

How important is this? It’s EXTREMELY important. In fact, it’s everything! (well, it’s 90%) Unfortunately, no one tells you how to do this.

When we are angry, stressed or triggered, we automatically and unconsciously say and do the wrong things (even if we are aware of the things we’re supposed to do).

However, when we are calm, strong and confident we automatically say and do the right things.

The fundamental principle is this… “The degree of success we have with the people in our lives is a direct result of our ability to manage our emotional reactions.”

How easy is it to just not react? It’s not easy. It’s difficult. That’s why we call them “difficult people”.

If you experience a significant level of annoyance, frustration or anxiety when you think about someone’s difficult behavior, then you know that just “remaining calm” is not as easy as it seems at first glance…  at least not if the person continues being difficult for any length of time.

That’s why I created the Wellspring Method.

Feel Good First, Then Deal With Your Situation

If you can learn a quick and reliable way to shift out of your triggered negative emotions into a state of strength, confidence and well-being whenever you are dealing with stressful situations or difficult people, you will be far more successful with everything.

Try my guided Shrink in a Box Personal Problem Solver and see what I mean. You just might be able to turn your current situation into a successful outcome!

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Live Powerfully!
Mark Lauderdale MD FRCPC

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Dr. Lauderdale has had over 35 years experience as a child and adolescent psychiatrist using a variety of therapeutic methods including psychotherapy, hypnosis, Eye Movement and Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), motivational psychology, medication and family therapy. He has specialized in helping children with fears and anxiety disorders.

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