Category : Difficult Coworkers

“She handled a difficult employee/coworker without feeling stressed at all!…” Before… Jill was the manager of a hair salon and spa who was worrying for weeks about how to confront an employee regarding some inappropriate behavior at work. She didn’t quite know how to bring up the issue and was concerned that the person might get upset or even quit. […]


Do you experience anxiety, frustration or stress when communicating with people in the workplace or at home? Do you wish that you could be more assertive and confident when dealing with people, especially difficult people? Perhaps you are in a relationship with a narcissist or a controller or someone who has an anger or dependency problem. Perhaps […]


Here are just a few examples of rapid positive change with the Wellspring Method… “This method helped me to put the demands of work into perspective. People have known that I’ve been stressed about the pressures and expectations of my job for awhile now, but the program helped me learn to take things much less personally. It […]


Question From a Reader… “I work with a person who is very abrasive and refuses to return telephone calls and emails. My job is providing technical support to an area of which they manage. With no feedback and interaction my job becomes very difficult. How would you propose handling this type of personality?” My Response… […]


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