What Others Have To Say…

**5 Stars** I love it. I have been waiting for a special moment to write about how your book and CDs have help me.

My life changed completely. I am more at peace and getting better each day at feeling comfortable when I have to express myself. The practice of picturing situations, even though you are not in that situation at that moment, have helped me tremendously.

My brain worked 24/7 about things that had no meaning or little importance. But now I don’t think too much. I go to sleep with a clear mind. My stomach feels better, and I am less depressed.

I strongly recommend this book and specially the CDs. I have my kids and husband listening to them with me and my husband reading the book …and like we say in Spanish….Muchas Gracias!!!!!!!!”

– Esmeralda Cantas
Customer Service Representative

“I usually need someone to help me work through a problem. I didn’t know a CD could do that!”

– Kathleen Stilwell
Office Administrator

“Dr. Lauderdale has developed a system that can be used to resolve a wide variety of real life problems. I have seen this system work to help many people overcome many difficult situations. Dr. Lauderdale’s unique skills and training have enabled him to develop an approach to life challenges that is quick and effective.”

– Jane Bradley, PhD
Clinical Psychologist


“Thank you! The visualization exercises have been incredibly helpful. I’m at a placement at a methodone clinic, just beginning doing counseling with clients. I’ve been extremely anxious and your program has helped me stay with the feelings and picture how I would like sessions to go, instead of my usual behavior of completely avoiding thinking about the sessions. They’ve helped me get unstuck and start learning. Whenever I find myself thinking obsessive negative thoughts, I pop in one of the cds. Thanks again.”

– Jessica Alleda
Practicum Student

“This program helped me to put the demands of work into perspective. People have known that I’ve been stressed about the pressures and expectations of my job for awhile now, but the program helped me learn to take things much less personally. It worked a lot better than I thought it would in the beginning and I was really impressed that my issue could be resolved so quickly! It’s like issues that are stressing you just become non-issues, so you can get on with enjoying life.”

– Ron Betuba
Customer Care Representative

“I had a problem with some of my employees. I was having a hard time talking to them about any negative situations at work. I found that using the Wellspring Method to visualize the situation from start to finish really helped me work through the problem without any stress. Next week I’m going to speak to the employees and I feel totally confident about doing that. I also came up with some good ideas for creating a better working environment in the future.”

– Jill Neil
Owner of a Hairdressing Studio

“Thank you so much for introducing me to the Wellspring Method. Your method of dealing with stressful situations was both enlightening and successful. Listening to each CD at my own pace enabled me to understand more rationally the reasons for my stress attacks, and to search for alternative outcomes. Your program not only gave me a fine sense of self-worth, but also made me feel more confident than I have done in a long time. I must say, I am feeling much more organized from within, and ready to try out my newly acquired confidence!”

– Chris Whittaker

“I was experiencing a problem dealing with conflict both at home and at work. After using your method I am very pleased with the results. I found it to be tremendously helpful and encouraging, strongly recommending it for anyone.”

– Charles Dunwood
Teaching Assistant for Special Needs Students


“My ex-husband was a negative disapproving person. I used to think ‘I’m a loser’, but the Wellspring Method has given me the confidence to believe in myself. I can now feel good and enjoy life as I become healthy and financially free.

I DO realize I have progressed and am much more positive as I know life has a lot to offer me. This is THANKS to your program and knowing there are people in this great world of ours, like yourself, who can really make a difference in other peoples’ lives. I know I can do my part and help myself and others to realize their dreams.”

– Betty Gilford
Financial Representative

“Thank you for your patience towards me in the journey toward wholeness and health. I am deeply grateful for your gift of the Wellspring Method. It has helped me to experience new freedom and joy in my life. I am gaining new courage to follow my heart as I open myself to new opportunities to dance in this business of life.”

– Wendy Bell
Mother, Church Leader

“At my work I suffer from no social anxiety when dealing with customers, literally none at all! I have a little bit of anxiety when I’m talking to the other employees about personal things, but that is fading as I get to know them better. In fact, I have one pretty good friend at work – and she’s a girl! – who I work with on a fairly regular basis. Having someone to joke around with certainly makes the shifts go faster.”

– Jake Smalley
High School Student


“I decided to use the Wellspring Method for an issue that I was having with my Mom. I was planning a wedding and I had let her know that my Dad was going to walk down the aisle with me (my parents have been divorced since I was a child). My mother had called me up to say that she would like to walk down the aisle with both of us. She let me know how important it was to her and how much she needed to do it.

So, I thought that what I was really going to focus on was whether I was going to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to that. What I really saw as I started to use the Wellspring Method was that there was more to it than that. I saw that this was a pattern in our relationship. I felt anxious and guilty, because I realized in a very short time that what I really wanted to say was, ‘no’, but I felt anxious about saying ‘no’ knowing that it would create pain and hurt in her. This was very much a history of what we have together.

I was really taken aback at the sense of freedom and expansion I felt! Usually when a situation has come up in the past with my Mom I’d immediately feel the closing in my chest and closing in my abdomen. What was amazing to me through the strength and confidence process was that even in visualizing and in feeling that scenario, there was the sense of expansion. This real feeling of freedom within myself was incredible.

Thank you.”

Career Coach

“I’m a mother with a teenaged son and a husband and I had some problems with their lack of cooperation around the house. This brought up a lot of anger because of the apparent non-respect from them. I felt frustrated and I would lash out at my family with a lot of verbal anger. Because of this, I didn’t feel very good about myself as a person and I had to find another way of dealing with this problem.

Then I tried the Wellspring Method and found that it was a great way for me to go inside myself to discover the exact nature of the problem, how to deal with it, and what my outcome would be. the Wellspring Method worked wonderfully in that I could deal with my son in different ways, see the situation in different ways, and I could also feel the peace and calm inside of me instead of the anger and frustration that I had previously experienced.”

– Shirley Hanson

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the help that you have given to my son. The Wellspring Method is the best thing that ever happened for him and my family. You said, ‘It will not take long for him to get over these huge feelings he was having and it would last a lifetime’. Well, no truer words were spoken. After coming to you for a very short period of time he no longer wanted to commit suicide, stopped being self abusive, began to respect adults again, resumed getting good grades in school and is generally an all around happy, great kid again.

I cannot even begin to express my thankfulness. The effects, of course, stem out to the family. It was very difficult to live with this child and his sister and I could feel the burden lifted out of our home. I can now say that my family is back to ‘normal again’ thanks to you and your program. Thank you very, very much for all you have done.”

– Donna Taylor


“My oldest daughter suffered a head injury in a motor vehicle accident, and I had been fighting with the insurance company for about six years. Each time I had to deal with her issues in relation to counseling, education, learning difficulties or the legal settlement, I found it difficult to move ahead in a proactive way.

After a session with you of tapping into ‘strength and confidence’ and a week of integrating the information, I was able to move ahead and deal with the situation in an effective and active manner. This meant being a greater support to my daughter, being more directive with the lawyers, and more prepared for the upcoming negotiations.

During the ‘pre-trial conference’, I was able to clearly state the needs of this case, and put the arrogant insurance company representative in his place, where it was clear he was not going to bully or abuse us during the process. Ultimately this made a difference in the amount of money they offered, actually about a $100,000 difference. This a great tool Dr. Mark!”

– Tom Rankin
Youth Counsellor

“It’s truly astounding the speed at which the Wellspring Method works! My goal was to attain a higher degree of financial freedom and work more effectively within my field of passion. Before I had even finished CD2 of this powerful 3CD set, I had two job offers and great strides forward in my own business. This is an amazing program!”

– Amanda Moore
Medical Transcriptionist

“This is a GREAT program. You’ve delivered the information and technique in a way that is simple and easily understood, yet bears the mark of a great deal of experience and expertise. I’ve been working with it for several weeks now. The first week, very intensely, then more casually. I decided to use it at first just when I was going through a rough patch, and found it VERY effective. Since then I’ve experimented with integrating a piece of it into a couple of phone sessions, and found it worked for others too. THANK YOU! for sharing it with me!”

– Dr. Alexandra Gayek
Naturopathic Doctor

“The Wellspring Method really helped me to understand and helped create more excitement with my career goals. Now, when I think about writing I’m eager to work on it, I’m eager to start developing my own programs and my own products, which is something I believe is really feasible, whereas before I felt that I’d like to, but it wouldn’t really happen for me. So, it’s a lot different for me now.”

– Dre Lavack
Internet Entrepreneur


“I was struggling with pain and weight loss, and stuck in negative self-talk and despair. When this program turned things around for me after only one session, I was so amazed! You can go for counseling for years before you get to this point! I’m just blown away!”

– Debbie Dunsmuir
Social worker

“Can you use my testimonial? Are you kidding! Whoo-hoo! Yes, of course, AND you know my love of center stage: splash my name all over the place, where ever you like, I want everyone to know they can ask me all about your work and be told to call Dr Mark without delay! I’ll be absolutely tickled pink!

I wanted to say again how grateful I am to you, Dr Mark. Because of your patience, caring (not to mention its ground-breaking nature) work with me I have become a better Mom and my kids are reaping big results in their own lives. Fix the Mom and you fix the kids, funny how that works. But more than that, I am experiencing so much more positive forward movement in my own life and plans.

Thank God you were able to preserve what you did for us and our kids on your CD program. Anyway, take a bow, you earned it. Society is grateful too, now I won’t be just another depressed drain on the system, now I can be a joyful one! (Just kidding, I’m no longer any kind of drain, happy or otherwise!).”

– Pam Shepherd