How Building Self Confidence Can Help You Succeed With Relationships, Deal With People, Overcome Stress and Improve Your Performance

What if you could boost your confidence whenever you needed it?

Imagine what it would be like to be able to replace your feelings of anxiety, fear, frustration or stress with a state of strength and confidence whenever you face a stressful situation.

Not only that, but what if you could use that feeling of strength and confidence to solve problems effectively and deal with relationships more easily and successfully?

I’m Dr. Mark Lauderdale, a psychiatrist and personal effectiveness coach. Over the past 10 years of helping people in my practice I found that very often their anxiety and stress was the result of a challenging situation in their life – a relationship problem, a performance situation, a difficult person, etc.

I also found that empowering people with self-confidence works wonders in enhancing their ability to deal with these stressful situations effectively.

So, I developed a unique step-by-step approach that has already helped hundreds of people build their self-confidence and solve the problems they were facing. I’ll tell you more about my “self-guided” method later, but first …

What Benefits Will You Receive From Boosting Your Confidence Regularly?

There are so many advantages to building your confidence that it’s almost impossible to name them all. So, let me summarize the benefits in a few major areas…

Deal With People Calmly and Confidently

Dealing with people at work or in the community can be a challenge for anyone. With an effective confidence booster you could…

  • Handle customers helpfully and objectively
  • Deal with annoying coworkers effectively
  • Handle difficult employees professionally yet firmly
  • Stand up to rude or critical behavior from bosses
  • Eliminate your anxiety around people – be able to speak to whomever you want comfortably and cheerfully
  • Deal with difficult people effectively – stay calm, cool and collected when dealing with manipulative, controlling, self-centered, negative or immature people wherever they may be

In fact, ANY social situation that makes you feel anxious, angry or stressed will go better when you are feeling strong and confident.

Improve Your Performance

Do you ever get nervous in performance situations? Anxiety and stress can seriously interfere with your ability in many situations. Feeling strong and confident can produce great results in various performance situations…

  • Impress everyone with your singing, public speaking or on stage performance
  • Give a winning athletic performance
  • Pass your tests and exams with flying colors
  • Present yourself well in job interviews and performance evaluations
  • Do an impressive presentation
  • Beat your competition

Be More Successful in Your Personal Relationships

Being confident in a relationship in invaluable. So often I have seen people destroy or worsen a relationship through excessive doubts, fears, overreactions and negative things said out of anger, worry or stress. Remaining calm and confident can help you…

  • Go on a successful date
  • Resolve an argument or problem quickly and effectively
  • Deal with relatives and in-laws constructively
  • Deal with a break-up or divorce with personal strength and power
  • Feel good about being on your own instead of sad about being alone
  • Confidently create a happy, fun and stable relationship

Feeling confident and not being emotionally triggered is one of the important keys to a happy and successful relationship.

Cope With Stressful Situations More Effectively

We are faced with all kinds of stresses and challenges in our lives these days. Strength and confidence can help you overcome big stressors such as these…

  • Cope well with painful or uncomfortable medical treatments
  • Manage going to court with fortitude
  • Successfully find a job or overcome financial difficulty
  • See a large project through to completion (such as a book, thesis or job)

A boost in confidence can also help you overcome smaller stressors as well…

  • Overcome a specific fear (e.g., driving, flying, spiders, heights, etc)
  • Ask someone out on a date
  • Cope with Christmas or other holidays
  • Manage your children calmly but effectively

In fact, I’ll bet that with any challenge in your life, large or small, you would probably rather feel calm, strong and confident. Right?

First, think of a situation in your life where you don’t feel confident. In other words, think of a situation that triggers feelings of anxiety, stress, anger, frustration, nervousness or worry.

Now let me ask you this… “When you are in this situation again in the future, in which mental state would you be more successful creating a positive outcome? …nervous, anxious or stressed? …or, calm, strong and confident?”

The answer is obvious isn’t it?… when I put it that way.

This is the main concept behind the Wellspring Method.

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Dr. Lauderdale has had over 35 years experience as a child and adolescent psychiatrist using a variety of therapeutic methods including psychotherapy, hypnosis, Eye Movement and Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), motivational psychology, medication and family therapy. He has specialized in helping children with fears and anxiety disorders.

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