The Next Time You Are Facing a Challenge
Would You Rather Feel Worried and Stressed
.. or Strong and Confident?

ANGER, ANXIETY and STRESS are EXPENSIVE emotions. They waste your time and they rob your happiness – through useless conflicts, avoiding and procrastinating, worrying and obsessing, lack of focus and ineffective communication leading to poor relationships and poor results.

But you can use this powerful problem-solving tool to give you “the right stuff” to rapidly succeed with the people and problem situations in your life.

The Wellspring Method is your recipe for interpersonal and personal success. It has been clinically-tested in hundreds of real life problem situations and gives you the ability to transform the stressful situations in your life into successful outcomes.

You may have been just looking for ADVICE, but you’re going to receive something much more useful, practical and valuable!

When you use this guided interactive method you’ll gain the ability to create your own solutions for any stressful situation, difficult challenge or problem relationship in your life confidently, assertively and effectively!

Here’s everything you’ll receive with your Shrink in a Box program…

3 Powerful CDs…

Clinically proven stress management system

This is a personalized problem-solving system for creating results you want in stressful life situations.

No complicated strategies to learn, no rules to remember and no lengthy training involved!

Just plug in your problem situation or interpersonal goal at the beginning and move through the process to arrive at your plan of action feeling CALM, CONFIDENT and ASSERTIVE by the end.

Plus a Demonstration DVD

Learn how to manage stress effectively

Watch as Jill solves a problem with her employees to create a more harmonious workplace in just one hour!

This live unrehearsed video demonstrates how Shrink in a Box can help you manage stress and create positive changes with the people in YOUR life.

41-Page Help Manual and Guidelines

This useful resource manual gives you a detailed description of how the program works with detailed flow diagrams so you can see a visual overview of the ‘Shrink in a Box’ process.

There’s also an extensive Help Section with Frequently Asked Questions that will help you quickly correct any problems you may encounter during the process …and there’s lots of additional information and examples to help you achieve the result you want.

Use This New Technology to Create the Changes
You Want In YOUR Life!


In a study using the ‘Shrink in a Box’ system with people who were facing real life stressors…

  88% expressed a high degree of satisfaction with the program,
  87% expressed a significant or complete resolution of their stressful situation within a few days or weeks,
  88% experienced significantly greater confidence in dealing with their challenging situation or person, and,
  100% experienced a reduction in stress emotions (i.e., anxiety, overwhelm, frustration, stress, etc.).

With a typical relaxation-oriented stress management technique, the effects are temporary and the feeling of stress returns. With ‘Shrink in a Box’ your stress reduction will be more permanent because the problem that was triggering the stress will be resolved.

Through 58 revisions in it’s development, ‘Shrink in a Box’ is so complete and reliable that I now use it with clients in my office every day.

Easy To Use

The ‘Shrink in a Box’ personal success system is extremely easy to use.

You don’t have to plan time for yoga class, exercise or a counseling appointment. Use ‘Shrink in a Box’ on a computer or any CD player to deal with a problem as soon as it comes up.

And you don’t have to learn or memorize a thing! Just follow along the step-by-step process. The CD gives you the time you need to accomplish each mental step and it tells you when to pause the program to write down your new ideas, insights and solutions.

Like a blender produces soup, smoothies or margaritas depending on what you put into it, Shrink in a Box stirs up the hidden abilities within you to create positive results out of a whole variety of challenging life situations.

Shrink in a Box can be used on its own or along with counseling to supplement (and shorten) the whole process.

See the testimonials of others who have used this program …

You Could Be Spending A Lot More Than This

The only way you would be able to receive all of the stress management, confidence-building and problem-solving techniques that ‘Shrink in a Box’ provides would be through individual coaching, counseling or therapy.

In fact, the unique blend of expert strategies in ‘Shrink in a Box’ is more effective than many coaching or counseling approaches… and much less expensive!

Instead of paying a coach or counselor $100 to $200 PER HOUR to help you clear up your stressful situation, you can own ‘Shrink in a Box’ for much less and use it to deal with as many stressful situations as you wish.

Instead of paying $100 to $500 for a stress management course that teaches general principles and gives general advice, you can clear up your stress in less time without having to learn all that theory!

Take Advantage Of This Special Offer!…

  Included In This Special Offer Value
3 ‘Shrink in a Box’ CDs Eliminate your stress and become assertive when dealing with people or problem situations! $149.00
‘Being Confident & Assertive’ DVD How to be assertive with people! $24.95
41-page Help Manual Get all the guidance you need to influence people with confidence. $19.95
Series of 5 Special Reports: ‘Powerful Principles for Personal Success’ Become a more effective problem solver when dealing with difficult people! $49.75


Total Value:   $243.65
Regular Price: $97.00  
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Gain the confidence you need to deal with stress and create the results you want with the Shrink in a Box Personal Success System.

When You Purchase the Shrink in a Box Program
You’ll Receive the Following Bonus

FREE Special Reports!

This Series of 5 Special Reports, “Powerful Principles for Personal Success”, will teach you how to stay on track to achieve the ongoing personal success you want at home and at work.

Once you start to understand how to use these techniques better, it’s important to be able to set and achieve your goals effectively.

That’s where these Special Reports come into play. They’ll help you stay on track through the daily stresses to achieve lasting personal success at home and work.
… see inside

VALUE: $49.75…


You Are Fully Protected By My
100% Money-Back Guarantee!

I want you to be totally satisfied with ‘Shrink in a Box’ so let me remove ALL doubt from your mind.

You have a 1-year 100% satisfaction guarantee! If you’re not convinced that this program is worth every penny, simply contact us.

You’ll receive a FULL REFUND and you can keep the bonuses just for trying the program. This is truly a 100% risk-free offer.

Place Your 100% Secure Order Below and
Start Turning Your Stress into Personal Success!

Shrink in a Box
Personal Success System

3 CDs, 1 DVD, Help Manual and Bonus Reports.
Reg price $97. SPECIAL OFFER Just $49…



“This program was even more beneficial than I thought it would be! Thank you so much. It was a great investment.”
— Leah Smith, Social Worker


“The Next Time You’re Dealing With People or Problem Situations, Would You Rather Be Nervous and Stressed or CALM and CONFIDENT?”


After studying behavior for many years, I know one thing: If you don’t MAKE THE DECISION to get this part of your life handled RIGHT NOW, there’s a very small chance that you will do anything about it in the future!

And so, 30 days from now do you want things to be the SAME as they are now? ..still feeling nervous or stressed?

.. Or, would you rather go into the office (or WHEREVER) tomorrow with your head held high knowing that you can effectively deal with your situation?!!

Take charge NOW! Because the sooner you act, the sooner you’ll achieve the success and well-being you desire.

I look forward to working with you!

Mark Lauderdale MD FRCPC
Psychiatrist and Personal Success Coach

P.S. Remember, you have a 100% satisfaction guarantee – if you’re not happy, you’ll receive a FULL REFUND. This is truly a 100% risk- free offer.