Nighttime fears in children

Nighttime Fears in Children

A 25-year review of the scientific literature reported that nighttime fears in children are common, they interfere with daily functioning, and they result in considerable disruption within the family (Lewis et al 2021). Is it normal for kids to be scared at night? A study by Muris et al (2001) showed that 73.3% of normal […]

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Using rewards to help children sleep in their own beds.

The Role of Rewards

It’s a good idea to set up some rewards for your child as they learn to sleep alone. At the end of the first session be prepared to agree on a prize with your child for achieving their first goal, such as a trip to a movie or a small toy for going to sleep […]

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Full Program Detailed Instructions

After you purchase your Bedtime Hero Program membership you can login from the Main Menu on the website. After you login you should see “Bedtime Hero – Full Program” in the page title. Scroll down and click the “Let’s Begin” button to start the Online Program. If that does not work then logout, empty your […]

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QuickStart Guide

What is the Program and Who is it For? Bedtime Hero is an interactive online therapy program for children who are nervous or afraid to go to sleep in their own bed and sleep through the night. It is designed for children who are at least 6 years of age up to teenagers 14 years […]

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The Child Afraid to Sleep Alone

It started innocently enough .. Your child was too afraid to sleep one night for some reason, perhaps a nightmare, or perhaps an anxiety-producing event at school, perhaps a scary story they heard from a friend or on a video. Then, one night led to another and now your child has developed a fear of […]

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Nightmares in Children

It all started when that mean little girl next door told your child the scary story about Bloody Mary coming out of the mirror at night .. or that kid at school who convinced your child that aliens are real .. or that commercial your child saw about a horror movie .. or your child […]

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