Does Your Child Have Sleep Anxiety?

A Real Solution Developed by a Child Psychiatrist

  • Bedtime Hero uses an innovative therapy method developed by Dr Mark Lauderdale that has already helped hundreds of children with sleep anxiety,
  • Bedtime Hero is an online program, so you can help your child at home,
  • Bedtime Hero interacts directly with your child to clear up the 7 most common bedtime fears,
  • This Program is suitable for children and teens aged 6 to 14 years,

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See Your Child's Confidence Grow

• Help your child stop being afraid to sleep alone
• Eliminate their fear of the dark, monsters, nightmares and intruders
• Help them blend in feelings of strength and confidence from positive life experiences to remedy their bedtime fears

Enjoy the Animated Interactions

• Children like the animations that stimulate their imagination and good feelings
• The step-by-step system allows your child to be creative and generate their own ideas

Experience the Rapid Positive Change

• Help your child to stop being afraid to sleep alone within weeks, not months or years
• More effective than the simple tips you’ll find by searching online
• No need to waste more time searching for tips that don’t fit or don’t last

Get Uninterrupted Sleep

• Reclaim your personal space and enjoy your uninterrupted sleep • Relax knowing that your child isn't afraid to sleep alone anymore

Highly Effective

• This program is based on a therapy method that has proven effective with hundreds of children in an office practice • No need to wait for an appointment • It can be used along with counselling to speed up change

Appreciate the Convenience

• Use it when it’s convenient for you in the comfort of your home • Many tips and strategies are included within the Program!

Help your child with sleep anxiety overcome their fears with this one-of-a-kind online program.

How to prepare your child

Use the QuickStart Guide to learn how to prepare your child for change and see an overview of the steps involved in the process.

eliminating fear of sleeping alone

Watch the animations engage your child

Disney-style images and animations are child-oriented to help engage and motivate your child as the program demonstrates how to tap into their hidden ability and confidence.

level of anxiety about sleeping alone

Measure the successes

Your child will regularly rate their level of bedtime anxiety on a scale from 0 to 10 so that you can both see their improvement from week to week.

Dr Mark helps your child not be afraid to sleep alone

Receive Dr Mark’s guidance

Dr Lauderdale’s voice guides your child through the process and videos of Dr L personalize the interaction.

child afraid to sleep alone

Solve the problem one bit at a time

The problem is divided up into manageable pieces so your child isn't overwhelmed by excessively high expectations.

child anxiety sleep solutions

See your child generate solutions

Response entry boxes are provided on screen throughout the process for your child to enter their ideas as they work through the problem.

child not afraid to sleep alone

Get tips and suggestions

At key times during the process constructive ideas and suggestions will be presented to your child when your child is most likely to be receptive.

sleeping alone progress

Track your child's progress

Your child's responses and ratings can be saved for your reference or shared with Dr Lauderdale if desired.

Build an attitude of confidence

"It actually felt really good to sleep by myself!"

"The big prize is .. I'm not afraid to sleep alone anymore."

- Keana, age 9

Experience a powerful therapy method
developed by a child psychiatrist that has
already changed the lives of hundreds of children

Dr Mark Lauderdale MD FRCPC credentials

Use the knowledge and experience of a seasoned professional

Dr Mark Lauderdale is a child and adolescent psychiatrist with over 30 years experience helping children with anxieties and fears.
• Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians (Canada),
• Past President of the Canadian Society of Clinical Hypnosis (Alberta),
• Previously an Associate Professor of Psychiatry with the University of Calgary,
• Provided consultation to several in-patient mental health and pediatric programs,
• Trained in many therapies including cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT), family therapy and hypnosis.

Use a proven method with exceptional results

The Wellspring Method was developed and refined over 20 years in clinical practice.
• It is several effective therapies blended together into one step-by-step process,
• It helps children feel strong and confident when facing a challenge, such as the nighttime fears and anxiety they experience when sleeping in a darkened room,
• In a case review of children with clinical sleep anxiety, 84% were totally improved and another 10% were partially improved,
• The Wellspring Method is currently the focus of a research study at the University of Victoria.

Stop searching for the solution to your child's nighttime fears and anxiety - you've found it.

Be careful with sleep anxiety tips and strategies you find on the internet.
• Every time you use advice that fails, it reinforces your child's belief that they can’t learn to sleep alone,
• Children like the feeling of learning to do something on their own (internet tips and strategies don't always support this),
• The key to real change is that it occurs best from the inside out,
• Bedtime Hero motivates and assists your child to solve their sleep problem themselves.

Give Your Child the Confidence They Need
to Sleep through the Night in their Own Bed

SIMPLE AS 1, 2, 3 with this effective online tool


1. Prepare your child for a positive change

Review the informative email series for parents. Learn how to address the problem with your child to start things off on the right foot. The program works best for children 6-14 years old.


2. Use the engaging step-by-step program with your child

The program is a series of therapy sessions between Dr Lauderdale and your child. Dr Lauderdale’s voice guides your child through the steps as an animated character demonstrates what to do. Your role as a parent is to support your child in following the instructions and helping them record their thoughts and ideas.


3. Support your child’s success from week to week

The bigger problem of a child sleeping on their own is usually comprised of several smaller issues. Each of these smaller issues is addressed separately one session at a time over 4-6 weeks. Their small successes need to be acknowledged and possibly rewarded.

Bedtime Hero (Full Program plus Ebook) - 1 year membership
The interactive online program that helps your child gain the confidence to sleep on their own PLUS the Bedtime Hero ebook. Both are based on the therapeutic method from Dr. Lauderdale's child psychiatry practice.


Bedtime Hero Full Program - 1 year membership
The interactive online program that helps your child gain the confidence to sleep on their own. Based on the therapeutic method used in Dr. Lauderdale's child psychiatry practice.
  • Both include the QuickStart Email Series for Parents with tips and strategies to boost success.

"This has been the best and most helpful tool yet with my 8 year old and her sleep anxiety. Appreciate it so much."

- Bedtime Hero Mom

Guaranteed Improvement

If your child does not show a noticeable improvement in their bedtime fears within 2 weeks of using the Bedtime Hero Full Program, I will provide a full refund upon request.