Ensure Your Child's Success With the Bedtime Hero Program

"Now it's all good and I can do it all."
Dr L: "Do you feel pretty proud of yourself now?"
- Veronica, age 9

If your child made some progress with the QuickStart Email Series, then don't stop! Keep the momentum going. There are several modules in Bedtime Hero, each with its own new strategy, in the Online Program or the Program and Ebook Bundle (best value).

Bundle and Save $14.50!!

Get both the interactive Online Program that helps your child gain the confidence to sleep on their own PLUS the Bedtime Hero Ebook. Both are based on the therapeutic method from Dr Lauderdale's child psychiatry practice. Register for the Online Program and keep the Ebook forever.

$29.50 Online Access for 1 year with Downloadable Ebook

The Bedtime Hero Online Program

This interactive online program helps your 6-14 year old child gain the confidence they need to sleep on their own. It is based on the therapeutic method developed in Dr. Lauderdale's child psychiatry practice that has helped hundreds of children overcome their nighttime anxiety and fears.

$27 for 1 year access

The Bedtime Hero Ebook

Bedtime Hero is the story of Royelle who was afraid to sleep alone. It perfectly compliments the online program and is also suitable for preschool children. The book invites your child to do the therapeutic steps along with Royelle as he/she demonstrates how to overcome fears and learns to sleep alone.

$17 PDF download to your computer or device

Guaranteed Improvement

If your child does not show a noticeable improvement in their bedtime fears within 2 weeks of using the Bedtime Hero Online Program, I will provide a full refund upon request.