Turn Your Anxiety Into Confidence

"My goal is to help people achieve personal well-being and success
by using the untapped power of the mind"
- Mark Lauderdale MD FRCPC Child & Family Psychiatry

The Wellspring Method is a step-by-step problem-solving confidence-building system that I developed to help people deal with and resolve stressful, frustrating or anxiety-producing problem situations at work, at home and in the community.

It’s a recipe for success that has been time-tested in hundreds of real life situations. It contains the most effective techniques and strategies for personal success built into one powerful system to produce positive solutions for any type of stressful life situation.

The Wellspring Method is recorded as a self-help cd/dvd program called Shrink in a Box. The method is described in detail in the book Secrets of Dealing with Difficult People.

Bedtime Hero Ebook

Bedtime Hero is the story of Royelle who was afraid to sleep alone. It perfectly compliments the online program. Learn More...

Bedtime Hero Program

Announcing a new interactive online therapy program for children and teens who have anxiety about sleeping on their own based on the Wellspring Method that I have used successfully with children in my office. Learn More...

The Wellspring Method

The Wellspring Method is a personalized problem-solving method that transforms stressful situations into successful results. Learn More...

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