Real Solutions for Nighttime Fears and Anxiety

As a child psychiatrist I discovered that thousands of children are fearful at bedtime, causing disruption and concern to parents. So, I put together a step-by-step interactive program, based on research, to help kids overcome their fears with the confidence they need.
The Bedtime Hero Online Program
Bedtime Hero Online Program

The interactive online program that helps your child gain the confidence to sleep on their own using a proven therapeutic method.


The Bedtime Hero Ebook
Bedtime Hero Ebook

The ebook invites your child to do the therapeutic steps along with Royelle who demonstrates how to overcome fears and learns to sleep alone.


Bundle and Save!!

Use the ebook along with the online program and get both at a reduced price!

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A Real Solution for Children and Parents

This program has already helped hundreds of children learn to sleep on their own comfortably and confidently, but let's hear what other parents have to say ..

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