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Game changer

April 14, 2024

Our son was told a ghost story 18m ago. Since then he was scared to be alone and espcially at night would not sleep unless one of us was with him in the room. Every night he would get up and come into our bed. We tried all sorts of rewards and punishments and techniques to resolve it. We found shrinkinabox on the internet and gave it a go and it has made a huge difference.

Our son became motivated to improve the situation himself and was excited by the “money back guarantee” which made him confident that it would work.

The material is given in a way that gives kids confidence because it is direct and a professional third party speaking. He now comes to our bed rarely and is able to go to sleep by himself. We still come in every 15mins to check on him but it is huge improvement and his mood and energy have increased as a result.


Highly recommend this programme

April 7, 2024

Huge increase in confidence going to sleep on their own even if she has a bad dream she has been able to settle herself after waking from the dream. Our daughter has been sleeping with one of us for nearly a year and the change in her after one session was massive. She was initially not sure about taking part in the sessions but she has been able to use the technique to help her sleep on her own in her own bed something we didn’t think was going to happen again anytime soon. Thank you so much! I would highly recommend this programme to anyone whose child is experiencing difficulties sleeping on their own.



March 10, 2024

My 6-year-old is feeling confident about sleeping alone after 2 weeks of using the program.


Confidence Level 9 out of 10

March 4, 2024

Our son was not falling asleep and coming into our bed. He slept through the night last night and has stayed in his bed every night since starting the program last week.


More confident after 1 week

February 9, 2024

He wants to be more confident. Slept through an entire night in his own bed.


Able to fall asleep by herself

January 29, 2024

My daughter goes into bed by herself and is able to fall asleep! It has been only 1 week since we started the program.


Level of confidence is 9 out of 10

January 22, 2024

After using the program for 1 week she seems more confident and less fearful.


Falling asleep easier

December 17, 2023

After only 1 week falling asleep easier by self. Was afraid of the dark, but now feels good about “sleeping all night by myself”.


Optimize for phones

November 17, 2023

Level of anxiety was 10 out of 10 at the beginning but after 2 weeks it dropped to only 1 out of 10. His confidence about sleeping alone has improved dramatically. However, the program would be better if it could be optimized for cell phones.


Response from ShrinkinaBox

Thank you for your comments. The program has now been optimized for mobile phones.

Instant Success

October 26, 2023

Slept through every night since starting the program 1 week ago. It was an instant success, Thanks.


No longer afraid of the dark

October 16, 2023

My son is sleeping in the dark. He is not using a TV anymore to sleep and he has allowed us to turn his white noise machine really, really, low. I think this is a great program. My husband and I tried so many different things and nothing seem to work. After doing just the first module my son made a huge change, though I know it is still a work in progress.


Amazing success with this program.

September 27, 2023


If you have had ongoing sleep issues with your child and are trying to find a solution, then look no further. I cannot praise this program enough. My story is as follows: My 14 year old daughter had not been sleeping for about 5 years. She was afraid of being the last person left awake in the house, so would insist that I lay down next to her until she was asleep. Sometimes this would take 5 minutes, other times 3 hours. Then just as I tried to leave her bed and creep out, she would wake up and we were back to square one (just like a baby or toddler). My husband used to say, just leave her but the anxiety was so huge, I couldn’t do it. Even at 14, she would cry, shake, beg me to stay. It was absolutely crazy. It was not good for our marriage, meant even going on holiday was difficult, as she had to start the night with me lying next to her and sleep overs were out of the question. We tried melatonin, even hypnosis but nothing seemed to work. I was at the end of my tether when I found this program.

Basically using this program forced me to confront the issue with my daughter head on and really talk about it. She was very reluctant to do the program and cried her way through the first couple of sessions. Even talking about sleep was clearly distressing for her. I announced that not only were we going to do the program but I was no longer going to sleep next to her. She was going to learn to fall asleep alone. She was not at all happy about this and sobbed most of the night. I kept taking her back to bed every time she appeared in the doorway sobbing, begging me to stay “just this one time”, promising “she would start tomorrow”. It was very painful and she did not fall asleep until about 3.30 am but she did it. I carried on doing the program every other day and being really strict at night, taking her back to her bed and leaving her to fall asleep alone. The first week was tough. Very tough. It was a hard habit to break. There were a lot of tears and I kept thinking, is she ever going to be able to do this, but she did and I haven’t looked back. The anxiety has reduced significantly. I now put her to bed and she says “will you check on me when you go to bed?”. Sometimes she is still awake, sometimes she is already asleep but I just say goodnight again and remind her to think of her happy place and she goes off to sleep. It’s a like a miracle and my life is so much better as a result. I messaged Dr Lauderdale a number of times throughout the process for moral support and advice and he was fantastic. It’s thanks to him that we now have a daughter who can sleep! Please just do as I did. Just go for it. Stick with it and be tough to be kind. It will pay off. My daughter kept feeling guilty for ruining my sleep, but I feel guilty now that I didn’t address this issue sooner. By giving in to her anxiety and letting it control us, I created the problem. This program made me realise that the anxiety has to be addressed head on. The child has to face their demons and parents have to be reassuring but very strict and firm. In effect by lying there next to her, I was confirming that there was something to be worried about. Making her face her worries, proved to her that there was in fact nothing to worry about and empowered her. Good luck!

The Jones Family

Great Program

September 26, 2023

My daughter is 7 and used to be a good sleeper but then would be frantic about something some nights and it was a nightmare getting her to feel safe in her bed. After only a couple of the modules we saw a major improvement and since she led the way, we discovered things she was afraid of that she wasn’t able to vocalize to us. I can’t say she uses the strategies every night but the 10 minute check in for her was the key I think. We still have work to do, but it’s been a huge improvement.


Wonderful Program!

September 8, 2023

As a clinician, I tried my hand at my daughters sleep woes myself — to no avail for almost a year. We recently started this program and within a week noticed a HUGE turnaround! Beyond grateful and pleased with the program and the deep kindness that Dr Lauderdale has bestowed upon us our interactions. I recommend this program with enthusiasm!


Falling asleep easily

August 11, 2023

My child’s high level of anxiety about intruders was 8 out of 10 initially, but after only 3 weeks was feeling totally confident about sleeping alone and is now falling asleep easily.


Able to work through anxiety

June 21, 2023

After 8 days of using the program my child’s anxiety level dropped from a 9 (out of 10) with tears at bedtime to only 1 out of 10 and now feels totally confident about sleeping alone. This has been a great help!


Completely resolved

March 20, 2023

Thank you so much for creating this program and keeping it affordable for families. It truly helped my 11 year old son! When we went through the program our son even picked “going to the water park” as his positive experience before he heard the example. He felt understood. We love how it targeted exactly what he needed and how it did it so effectively. (Feel free to use as a review)


Sleeping in own bed after 2 weeks

January 8, 2023

Sleeping in own bed, much more confident, able to go back to sleep on own. Puts self back to sleep sometimes. Started the program 2 weeks ago. Level of confidence about sleeping alone is now a 9 out of 10.


Thank you for such a wonderful program

December 21, 2022

My daughter feels a lot more confident and happier about her room, and being in it by herself. She used to never sleep in her room by herself, but she’s now sleeping alone and waking up during the night to come and see me. However, I know that she will eventually be able to soothe herself back to sleep.


More confident after 1 week

December 13, 2022

More able to talk him through the going to bed routine and create confidence in his ability to be alone at bedtime.


Amazing Results!!!

November 8, 2022

My 9yo daughter was having an escalating issue with not sleeping through the night over 3 months. She got to the point that she would stay awake until about 11pm in her room until she passed out asleep and then woke up at 3am and stayed awake. She was too scared to go to sleep. We did one session from Bedtime Hero and she slept 10 hours the first night! We finished the entire program and she hasn’t had an issue since. She has moments of fear and apprehension, so we take 5 minutes to review some of the things we’ve learned (like tapping into the power inside of her, visualization, etc,) and she rolls over and goes right to sleep. A life changing program!


Completely resolved

October 26, 2022

Bedtime Hero was very helpful. I recommend this program.


Seems to be effective

October 23, 2022

Less nervous at bedtime. After 3 weeks of using the Full Program his level of confidence about sleeping on his own is 10 out of 10!


Successful Sleeper!

August 8, 2022

My 8yo was terrified to sleep in her room. She would sob and be in hysterics at bedtime and would only sleep in our room. Within 1 week of starting Bedtime Hero she was falling asleep in her room, and within a few months she was falling asleep and staying in her room the whole night without coming to our room or waking us in the night. She now enjoys her room, feels safe, and doesn’t protest at bedtime. I would highly recommend Bedtime Hero to anyone looking for an effective and nurturing way to support their child at bedtime.


Great improvement

August 8, 2022


Greatly improved

March 21, 2022

Talking about my child’s fears and expectations for bedtime with this program helped him work through what he needed to do/change. The guides and the suggestions in the course were very helpful. He now has no fear at all.

Emily Dowdle

Massive difference in a short space of time!

December 9, 2021

I was sceptical about Bedtime Hero but I was also desperate. Our 11yr old was TERRIFIED to sleep in her own room. Her imagination was wild and she imagined all sorts of horrors lurking in her room. She would only sleep in our bedroom.

After many a google search, I decided to give Bedtime Hero a go. It made such a massive difference in such a short space of time!

Our daughter now sleeps in her own room every night, she has no fears of being alone at night. I am so pleased with the program, I will recommend it to anyone who’s child is terrified to sleep alone.


Thank You

December 8, 2021

My 8 year old has had sleep struggles her whole life. We have tried everything, including 6 months of therapy. Nothing worked until we found Dr. Lauderdale’s program. Within 2 weeks, her anxiety is almost gone. Thank you, Dr. Lauderdale!


Really helped our daughter

December 7, 2021

So glad we found this program. It really helped our daughter make the move to sleeping through the night in her own bed.


Big improvement

December 7, 2021