Discover How To Turn Your Anxiety, Frustration
and Stress Into Personal Effectiveness

How to Relieve Stress? Solve the Underlying Problem That’s Causing it.

The Wellspring Method is a step-by-step problem-solving confidence-building system that I developed to help people deal with and resolve stressful, frustrating or anxiety-producing problem situations at work, at home and in the community.

It’s a recipe for success that has been time-tested in hundreds of real life situations. It contains the most effective techniques and strategies for personal success built into one powerful system to produce positive solutions for any type of stressful situation.

The Wellspring Method personal success system is recorded as a CD/DVD program called Shrink in a Box and in a lite version – the Stress To Success self therapy app. The method is described in detail in the book Secrets of Dealing with Difficult People.

“**5 Stars** I love it. I have been waiting for a special moment to write about how your book and CDs have helped me.

My life changed completely. I am more at peace and getting better each day at feeling comfortable when I have to express myself. The practice of picturing situations, even though you are not in that situation at that moment, has helped me tremendously.

My brain worked 24/7 about things that had no meaning or little importance. But now I don’t think too much. I go to sleep with a clear mind. My stomach feels better, and I am less depressed.

I strongly recommend this book and specially the CDs. I have my kids and husband listening to them with me and my husband reading the book …and like we say in Spanish….Muchas Gracias!!!!!!!!”

– Esmeralda Cantas
Customer Service Representative


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