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You can make a difference in people’s lives by telling them about the Shrink in a Box programs and how they can help to overcome life’s challenges more effectively, create better relationships and turn stress into greater fulfillment and personal success.

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When you join the Shrink in a Box Affiliate Program and refer someone to our website (via email, e-zine or website), you will receive a commission of 20% for every program they purchase. View the products available on this website.

You will receive your own unique link to our website and when someone uses this link and purchases a product any time over the next 90 days, your commission will be automatically credited to you (how it works). It’s simple and easy!

You can provide this link to others in a variety of ways…

On your website

Advertise our products on your website and simply incorporate your affiliate link into your information or sales copy. Your clickthroughs and sales will be automatically tracked. We’ll supply you with promotional material and images.

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The Shrink in a Box programs are the perfect compliment to any personal improvement plan, success coaching or stress reduction program. Add your affiliate link to your e-zine or newsletter and your clickthroughs will be automatically tracked. We can also supply you with interesting and informative articles.

By email

Tell your friends about our products and invite them to check out our website. Just insert your tracking link into the email for them to click through.

If you signup on our mailing list we’ll send you friendly emails containing interesting stories and useful information that you can then forward to your friends or your own website mailing list. Of course, sending spam (sending email to people you have no relationship with) is not permitted.


All commissions to you will be paid securely online through PayPal. After receiving a payment email from us you will simply click through to PayPal to receive your credit. You can then use this credit to pay for items online or have them issue you a check.

This is your chance to make a difference in the lives of others. Quite simply, if you join this opportunity, your visitors, members and friends will thank you for introducing them to these new problem-solving personal success products.

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