Here are Some of the Secrets of Dealing with Difficult People You’ll Learn Inside My Informative eBook

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I’ll Show You How to Understand Difficult People and Create Positive Change

If you feel frustrated, overwhelmed and unsure of what to do next, I’ll show you the exact steps to take to begin dealing with the problem effectively.

I’ll teach you:

  • A key concept in understanding people and how they operate that will change the way you interact with people FOREVER (without a solid grasp of this, you’ll always be at a serious disadvantage) – p.121
  • The 3 things that CAUSE a difficult person to be difficult (understanding these difficult behavior “sources” will help you know the right way to respond) – p.10
  • The first thing you should do whenever difficult people “push your buttons” and trigger your sensitive spots – p.29
  • 8 ways to gain cooperation from ANY difficult person – p.134
  • How to stay calm and confident when dealing with difficult situations. (Here’s where I explain the psychological process of replacing your anger, anxiety and stress with personal strength and confidence) – p.45
  • How to develop goals for tackling your interpersonal problem that draw you towards success like a magnet – p.49
  • How to open your mind to see new possibilities for your difficult situation (I’ve discovered that within every problem there’s a PERFECT opportunity for positive change) – p.41
  • The 4 ESSENTIAL ingredients to include each and EVERY time you develop a strategy to deal with someone’s difficult behaviour – p.112
  • The Secret Weapon that difficult people use to throw you off your game and what you need to do to prevent them from using it successfully on YOU – p.9
  • How to capitalize on and use ANYTHING a difficult person says or does to actually HELP you create the positive change you want – p.121
  • A powerful principle for influencing negative behavior that can be applied to inappropriate behavior of all kinds – p.158
  • How to think things through, play out the possibilities in your mind and formulate a plan for dealing with a difficult person at home or work – p.58
  • The secret key to success when dealing with difficult people (once you “get” this you’ll be miles ahead of 95% of people) – p.25
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Learn How to Handle Conflict, Complaints, Verbal Abuse and Noncollaboration

If you’re struggling with the stress and anxiety of dealing with verbal abuse and conflicts, I’ll show you how to remain centered and gain the cooperation you need. You’ll learn…

  • The 3 paths you can take when you are confronted by someone’s difficult behavior (and one of them always leads to failure) – p.100
  • How to avoid the trap of “taking things personally” – p.110
  • The right way to respond to someone who is being disrespectful towards you that ensures that they “change their tune” – p.123
  • How to gain the cooperation of “defensive people” who distrust you and your intentions – p.126
  • How to handle laziness, incompetence or inconsistent work habits without nagging, complaining or criticizing – and get better results – p.176
  • The safest way to AVOID dealing with a difficult person – p.116
  • How managers, supervisors and bosses can deal compassionately, yet effectively, with temper meltdowns in their subordinates – p.187
  • The management strategy that transforms your employee’s lack of motivation into unwavering enthusiasm (and builds your self-esteem as well) – p.160
  • What to do with angry complaining people that softens them like butter on a warm plate – p.134
  • The 4 interpersonal LANDMINES that undo the cooperation that you achieve (and how to avoid them) – p.165
  • The deadly mistake that too many people make when trying to correct someone’s behavior that all but guarantees lack of cooperation (If you only did one thing in this book, avoiding this would greatly improve your ability to deal with difficult people) – p.103
  • How to deal with someone who is resisting change and get them looking forward to things instead – p.159

There’s NO situation you won’t be prepared to handle with ease — and without anxiety — once you’ve reviewed this section!

Discover How to Deal with Bullying, Harassment, Gossip, Office Politics and Controlling People

If bullying, harassment or controlling behavior is getting you down, causing you to fret and fume, you’ll want to know that I cover the top ways to neutralize negative behavior and effectively turn the tables in these difficult situations.

You’ll discover:

  • How to address bullying or intimidation in the workplace confidently and clearly, but without a big confrontation – p.175
  • A strategy for dealing with controlling behavior that puts YOU in the driver’s seat – p.189
  • How to deal with “drama queens” and emotionally sensitive people without hurting their feelings, and yet produce positive change – p.114
  • An easy, but powerful, tactic for handling telephone harassment – p.193
  • A technique for dealing with harassment or backstabbing that subtly, but effectively, turns the tables – p.182
  • You know that “irritated” feeling you get when someone is harassing, bullying, lying, etc.? Here’s the thing that inexperienced people do that signals that they can be controlled – p.97
  • 3 powerful ways of influencing behavior such as complaining, gossiping, bullying and backstabbing that make the difficult person APPRECIATE you – p.119
  • A strategy for dealing with gossipers that does not require confrontation and, therefore, does not result in denial of responsibility – p.155
  • A strategy for dealing successfully with coworker sniping and complaining – p.194
  • The seven fatal errors that kill your chances of successfully resolving issues with difficult people (MAKE SURE YOU DON’T MISS THIS!) – p.103
  • The simple tactic you can use to INSTANTLY elicit compliance with a difficult employee – p.121
  • An approach for dealing with the problem of favoritism at work – p.195
  • The RIGHT time to “just ask” for what you want that prevents arguing, conflict or bad feelings – p.167
  • And much, much more in 201 information-packed pages…

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Create a positive change when dealing with difficult people

Secrets of Dealing with Difficult People

Unlike other books, this 201-page book shows you a tested step-by-step problem-solving method to help you calmly and confidently create the positive change you want when dealing with difficult people.

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After studying behavior for many years, I know one thing: If you don’t MAKE THE DECISION to get this part of your life handled right now, there’s a very very small chance that you are going to do anything about it in the future.

So, 30 days from now things will likely be pretty much the same as they are now… or worse.

Instead, never avoid that difficult person again. Go into the office tomorrow with your head held high knowing that you can deal effectively with the problem. Stop letting someone else control your life.

Take charge NOW! because the sooner you act, the sooner you’ll achieve the success and well-being you desire.

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