For In-Office, Telephone and Video Appointments

  • Children or teens aged 6 to 15 years can be referred to Dr Lauderdale from a physician or nurse practitioner in British Columbia, Canada by letter or fax to 250-881-7443. Urgent referrals are not accepted. Cases will be seen on a first-come-first served basis.
  • The primary reason for referral is limited to fear or anxiety (as part of a University of Victoria research study on my therapy methods) that includes one or more of the following:
    • Separation anxiety (e.g., bedtime fears or anxiety *, afraid to be alone, afraid to go to school or attend other activities)

    • Anxiety in performance situations (e.g., sports competitions, tests, public speaking, stage performance)

    • Anxiety in social situations (e.g., shyness, afraid to interact with others, afraid of negative judgments, avoiding social situations because of anxiety)

    • Anxiety-based physical symptoms (e.g., headaches, stomach aches, nausea, shortness of breath, feeling tense, insomnia, etc.)

    • Trauma-related anxiety (e.g., nightmares or flashbacks of a traumatic incident, environmental situations related to a trauma that trigger anxiety)

    • Specific fears or phobias (e.g., fear of needles, insects, illness, the dark, etc.)

  • Referrals will not be accepted for Attention Deficit Disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Developmental Disorders, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Depressive Disorders, Disruptive Behavior Disorders, Trichotillomania (hair pulling), or Tics/Tourette’s. If one of these disorders co-exists with an anxiety problem, recommendations will be given but treatment will be restricted to the anxiety problem.

ShrinkinaBox for Bedtime Fears Online Program

* Telephone or video chat support is available to children and parents who live in British Columbia and who have registered for the ShrinkinaBox for Bedtime Fears online program. Fees are covered by the Medical Services Plan if your doctor faxes a referral to Dr. Lauderdale at 250-881-7443 (click here for suggested referral form). Email contact is not supported. Parents can learn more and access a free trial at


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