The Bedtime Hero Ebook vs the Free Online Program – How are they Different?

What is the difference between the ebook and the free online program? I’m glad you asked.

First of all, the free online program only contains the first piece of the therapeutic method. It uses an initial strategy to help the child achieve some initial success, but that is not usually not enough to help a child solve the whole problem.

Both the ebook and the paid online program contain the full method that uses multiple strategies through several weekly sessions with the child to ensure that they are successful learning to sleep on their own. The ebook is a milder version in which the parent and child read about a child named Royelle who was afraid of sleeping alone.

Your child is invited to use the method along with Royelle but your child can also just follow along the story if they wish without doing the method. This can be a gentler way of introducing the method to a very young child or a child who is extremely afraid of sleeping alone (i.e., level of anxiety = 10/10).

By contrast, the online program requires the child to participate as though I am speaking directly to them and interacting with them as they use the method. Each section in the online Bedtime Hero method – the free introductory section, fear of the dark, the closet or under the bed, sounds in the house, intruders, bad dreams and waking in the night – has its own unique strategic intervention associated with it to help your child resolve each and every part of their worries and fears.

Using both the ebook and the full online program together is the best because it totally immerses your child in the process, it generates new ideas and continues until the problem is totally resolved. No half way solutions.

– Mark Lauderdale MD FRCPC

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