Ensure Your Child's Success With the Full Program

Bedtime Hero Success

"Now it's all good and I can do it all."

Dr L: "Do you feel pretty proud of yourself now?"


- Veronica, age 9

If your child made some progress with the Introductory Free Trial, then don't stop! Keep the momentum going. There are several more sessions, each with its own new strategy, to be gained with the Full Program or the Full Program and Ebook bundle (best value).

There are 8 Sessions in the Bedtime Hero Full Program:

Going to sleep alone (The first session and the only session included in the Free Trial): Learn the "back in 10 min" strategy,
Afraid of the dark or shadows: Discover the "memorize the room" technique,
Afraid of the closet or under the bed: Use the "seeing for yourself" strategy,
Scared of sounds: Help your child learn about sounds in the night and the "play it on fast forward" strategy,
Afraid of someone breaking in (any real or imagined threat): Try out the "makeup a movie" strategy,
Afraid of bad dreams: Your child becomes the "director of the show" with this approach,
Scared of being alone during the night: Your child comes up with their own strategies and earns a prize,
The final confidence session: Lock in your child's progress once their level of anxiety comes down to 2/10 or less.

Also, the Bedtime Hero Ebook is the perfect companion to the Full Program to enhance your child's success. (What's the difference?) It demonstrates how another child, Royelle, used the method to overcome their bedtime fears and shows your child how to use the program successfully.

Both options will help your child resolve all 7 of the most common causes of your child's bedtime fears and conclude with a final Confidence Session that locks the positive gains into place.

"This program costs less than the extra coffee you'll need when your child is keeping you awake at night!"

Bedtime Hero (Full Program plus Ebook) - 1 year membership
The interactive online program that helps your child gain the confidence to sleep on their own PLUS the Bedtime Hero ebook. Both are based on the therapeutic method from Dr. Lauderdale's child psychiatry practice.


Bedtime Hero Full Program - 1 year membership
The interactive online program that helps your child gain the confidence to sleep on their own. Based on the therapeutic method used in Dr. Lauderdale's child psychiatry practice.


Bedtime Hero Ebook
Bedtime Hero is the story of Royelle who was afraid to sleep alone. It perfectly compliments the online program. The book invites your child to do the therapeutic steps along with Royelle as he/she demonstrates how to overcome fears and learns to sleep alone.

Guaranteed Improvement

If your child does not show a noticeable improvement in their bedtime fears within 2 weeks of using the Bedtime Hero Full Program, I will provide a full refund upon request.

"Hi Dr. Mark - Just wanted to send some feedback and a quick word of thanks for the Bedtime Hero program. For months, we have struggled to make any progress getting our 7 year old to sleep on her own. She becomes extremely anxious at bed time and everything we tried had little motivation for her - no reward or threat to take something away had any impact on her fear level. It just was real and we all couldn’t figure out any strategies to make improvement.

I figured there had to be some sort of therapy we could try and upon a quick Google I found Bedtime Hero. My daughter was super excited to try it cause it seemed cool, she desires to be better at bedtime, it was something we could do together and frankly, it just gave us a different way to come at this problem.

The first night she rated herself a level 10 anxious, and I would have to agree. She wasn’t even bluffing - she was terrified of sleeping on her own. Two nights in? She rated herself a 0. ?! Don’t get me wrong, we have a long way to go, but look at her confidence jump and she’s HAPPY. I can’t recall a day where she’s been happy in her bedtime routine. We love the tapping and thinking of good thoughts. This program resonated with her!

Wish us luck on continuing the journey, but I wanted to stop and say THANK YOU for this tool."

- Katie T.